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Candy Madrigal

Candy Madrigal Celebrates 10 Years With APEX Group

Candy Madrigal headshotCandy Madrigal joined Corporate Floors, an APEX Group Company, as project manager in October 2012. We recently asked Candy to reflect on the last 10 years and share some of her fondest memories and biggest lessons learned.

1. What do you remember about your first day on the job? 

I remember how welcoming everyone was from the beginning. It was a very sad time in my life. My mother had passed the week before, and I was a mess. But everyone was so kind, and it was a great feeling knowing I was in the right place at the right time.

2. How has your job changed over the years?

Not much has changed in the job itself, but I find accessing information has improved immensely. Corporate Floors has the right people in place, and this has really streamlined my work. I am able to get my job done more efficiently thanks to the great team we have.

3. What do you like most about your job? 

What I like most about my job is the team I work with. Most of us have been together for almost 20 years. We came as a group to Corporate Floors when it acquired the company where we were working (we actually had been working together at yet another company before that). What a great move that turned out to be! I also really like APEX Group’s internal employee engagement committee, known as Goof Troop. They find fun ways to engage everyone and promote fellowship with one another.

4. How would you describe the company culture? 

APEX Group as a whole has a results-driven, positive, friendly atmosphere. I find we are very diverse and unique compared to other companies.

5. What has been your biggest achievement or success in your time with Corporate Floors?

Corporate Floors has allowed me to be the best me I can be. I am always trying to help anyone who needs it, and I’d like to think I’m successful at that.

6. What has been your biggest “lesson learned“ in your time with Corporate Floors? 

I have learned not to assume I am right. It’s important to listen more than talk.

7. Do you have any favorite memories from your time with Corporate Floors? 

Oh, there are too many to count! I have enjoyed all of the Goof Troop’s efforts to bring everyone together: Dress Like Your Favorite Superhero Friday, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich in PJs Friday, and so many more. At Corporate Floors, we don’t just work together; we have fun together.