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Announcing our Q3 2017 Core Award Winners!

Today, APEX Surface Care announced the winners of the 3rd quarter Core Awards. The Core Awards are peer-nominated and given to those who embody the Core Values of our company.

APEX core values:

  1. We have a positive, “Can Do” Attitude
  2. We practice open, real communication
  3. We are passionate about doing the right thing
  4. We are resilient and resourceful
  5. We play as a team

Winners are selected for this honor because of the positive, can-do energy that they bring with them to work every day.

This quarter's winners are:

Brenda Booth
Brenda is an Account Executive for Apex Surface Care and splits her time between Austin and San Antonio. Her spunky, caring demeanor enables her to build great relationships with her clients, and her go-getter personality has put Brenda in the Top Producer slot this year, leading the pack in Program Sales.

Juan Dela Rosa
Juan has been with Apex for four years. As Warehouse Maintenance Technician, he has made himself an invaluable team player. He keeps our facility spotless and is known for being able to fix just about anything. The embodiment of Team Player, Juan is extremely resourceful is and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Henry Hernandez
As DFW Airport Supervisor, Henry oversees our crews who work at the DFW Airport on maintenance and restoration projects. Henry is described as flexible and dependable, someone who works his fingers to the bone to get the job done. He exhibits the rare quality of leadership, with a resilient and motivated attitude which made him a clear winner for this Quarter's Core Award.

Ezekiel Butler
Ezekiel is our Lead Technician for Houston and has been with the company for three years. When his home was recently flooded by Hurricane Harvey, Ezekiel still came to work every day with a smile on his face, inspiring everyone around him with his unfailing “bright side” perspective.  Ezekiel is always ready to jump in and get the job done – even if the request is at the last minute.