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Keep the Flu at Bay with APEX Infection Control Services

This year’s flu season is the worst since the swine flu pandemic of 2009—and it’s not over yet. With flu season running through May, many more Americans could still contract the dangerous, and sometimes deadly, flu virus. Having a proper infection control process in place at your company is key to reducing sick days and lost productivity—and it’s the right thing to do for your employees.

The flu is highly contagious.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, infected persons can spread the virus to people up to about 6 feet away by coughing, sneezing or simply talking. To make matters worse, many employees go to work even when they’re sick, whether because they think they can’t afford to take time off, they feel they have too much work to do, or they aren’t aware of just how sick they are. One study found “presenteeism,” or working while sick, costs the U.S. $150 billion each year.

Proper infection control requires a multi-pronged approach consisting of regular touchpoint cleaning and sanitizing of workplace surfaces, including public areas such as break rooms, bathrooms, mailrooms and other places where frequent hand contact occurs.

At APEX, we know you want your employees to stay healthy.

We understand the difference between clean and sanitized and combine the right products with the right technology to keep your workplace free of harmful germs and bacteria. We don’t just cover them up—we eliminate them entirely.

What is different with our approach?
  • It’s proactive. We identify high-risk areas, address potential areas of concern, and perform regular touchpoint cleaning to keep germs out.
  • It doesn’t harm the environment. Our products are fully biodegradable and produce no harmful by-products.
  • It’s through. Instead of using (and reusing) rags or wipes to sanitize touchpoints, which may actually spread bacteria, we employ electrostatic spraying to sanitize 100 percent of all vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • It’s affordable. At $1,000/month for electrostatic spraying for 10,000 square feet and $2,000/month for electrostatic spraying and biweekly touchpoint cleaning for 10,000 square feet, the cost pays for itself in increased employee productivity.
  • It’s effective. Our process kills 99.9998 percent of all bacteria within 60 seconds.

Ultimately, our sanitation services result in fewer sick days and less time away from the office. Employees are healthier and happier—and their families are, too.

You don’t want to mess around with the flu.

Leave it in the hands of the experts and contact us today for a thorough assessment of your needs.

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