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APEX Surface Care Incorporates Latest ICE Robotics for High-Tech Commercial Maintenance

GRAPEVINE, Texas, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/APEX Surface Care, the nation’s most experienced, reliable and sustainable surface care company, today announced it has integrated industry-leading ICE Robotics autonomous cleaning equipment and technology into its surface care solutions, delivering a more modern, efficient and data-driven maintenance approach. By incorporating the latest high-tech equipment, APEX Surface Care is raising the bar for North America’s most image-conscious facilities.

Incorporating robotics into surface care is more than autonomizing the work. Cutting-edge machines, like those from ICE Robotics, enable APEX to use software to track, manage and report specifics about each facility’s surface care so customers can have detailed data about the areas, timeframe and specificity of their cleaning. Robotics also allow APEX’s cleaning and disinfecting teams to focus on the high-touch, detailed areas of surface care, while the machines manage the repetitive and basic tasks.

“As offices, hotels, schools and facilities re-open, the demand for cleaning and disinfecting has never been greater, which means the need for accountability is even more urgent,” said Thomas Holland, CEO of APEX Surface Care. “Our partnership with ICE Robotics demonstrates our commitment to our customers that we’ll deliver the highest-quality surface care using the latest technology, an extraordinary value, and most importantly, precise details about what we did, when we did it, and how we did it.”

Robotics solutions help reduce headcount in commercial buildings, a top priority for facility managers, and they also help to re-allocate labor to higher level tasks. Use of robotic vacuums alone can save up to 70% on the cost of vacuuming in a commercial building. In a recent example, a 500,000 building was able to save $90,000 per year by incorporating robotic vacuums alone.

Adding to its array of electrostatic sprayers, APEX Surface Care will deploy three key ICE products:

  • The Whiz – An autonomous vacuum sweeper with guidance software that can navigate complex and dynamic environments. Whiz ensures the highest levels of safety and cleaning performance, working alongside staff for more consistent cleans, and provides near-real-time data tracking of coverage and runtime.
  • The Emma (Enabling Mobile Machine Automation) – An autonomous floor scrubber powered by BrainOS® that enables the robot to navigate complex, real-world environments. The machine is designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees and can still be used manually for ad-hoc situations.
  • I-Synergy fleet of walk-behind and ride-along scrubbers – In addition to their cleaning capabilities, I-Synergy devices use a customized portal to provide data tracking for measurable performance, and improved productivity and efficiency, as well as reporting.

One aspect of the robotics deployment is enabling APEX Surface Care team-members—many of whom are trained professionals with over a decade of experience—to focus on the higher-value customers’ needs and service, rather than on repetitive tasks. As a Certified B Corporation, APEX Surface Care meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability including to its employees.

“We’re not replacing people with robots, but giving team-members the ability to elevate their level of service, access to modern technology, and a customer-focused approach,” continued Holland. “As one of the facilities management industry’s few B-Corp certified companies, this investment in our people is unwavering.”

APEX Surface Care is known for its low staff turn-over, commitment to social and charitable causes, and sustainability practices. ICE Robotics and their machines help further that ethos while delivering a superior cleaning and disinfecting job.

APEX Surface Care also partners with Z-Bioscience, the leading manufacturer of the probiotic cleaning solutions, and recently announced it is one of few preferred partners of Allied BioScience that can apply SurfaceWise2, the first EPA-approved long-lasting protective disinfectant coating.

About APEX Surface Care

For more than 20 years, APEX Surface Care has maintained and restored millions of interior square feet for image-conscious companies. Committed to the highest standards of environmental sustainability, equity and corporate social responsibility, APEX is a B Corp-certified business that operates throughout North America and serves some of the world’s most recognized brands and companies. APEX Surface Care is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate Floors, a B Corp-certified flooring provider, and the sister company to Texas Carpet Recycling and APEX Property Services. To learn more about APEX Surface Care including its services, environmental standards and special responsibility commitment, please visit