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Every surface in a facility has unique care needs.

But all resilient floors have one thing in common... ABUSE.

Your janitorial staff takes care of the daily cleaning, sure.

But that isn't enough in the long term to keep your flooring from looking worn out before its time.

Let our team of experts problem-solve as needed to make sure that your facility looks amazing year-round and for as long as possible.

Once you've signed off on a care plan, you can stop thinking about it. That's our job.

We know you have plenty of other things on your plate—so relax. We've got this.

  • 1

    Understand your facility's unique needs.

  • 2

    Determine the frequency and type of care needed.

  • 3

    Provide the right people, process, and technology.

Don't let your company's brand suffer due to dirty carpets or dingy furniture.


Maintaining carpet doesn’t have to be hard...

...Unless you are trying to manage it with a team that isn’t up to par, that is.

Putting off periodic deep-cleaning will cost you in the end.

The same goes for leaving it to janitorial. The damage is gradual but the impact on lifespan is severe—over 80% of all carpet manufacturer claims are related to improper maintenance.

Everyone today has a “special” process for maintaining carpet. But at the root of a successful carpet care plan, beyond all the fancy chemicals and specialized equipment, are the people delivering the service.

That’s why all of our people, from reps to techs, commit to three basic promises:

  • We do what we say
  • We’re proactive about solving problems
  • We communicate clearly

We deliver these promises consistently because we know your job isn't easy. And we want to take as much of the burden off your shoulders as possible.

A lifetime of carpet experience, at your service.

Apex is part of a family of companies that has sold, installed, and recycled millions of square feet of carpet over the past two decades.

With that experience comes a unique understanding of best practices recommended by the top carpet manufacturers.

All carpets require one of three cleaning systems:


    Annual deep cleaning or restorative cleaning.


    Interim cleaning: accompanies wet or dry extraction.


    The best long-term care for new carpets.

Our goal is to keep your carpet looking new for as long as possible and to make your day a bit brighter.

That’s why we have invested in quality teams and ensured they have the skills, training, and tools that enable them to provide an excellent service experience.

Experienced technicians equal reliable results. 

You have more important things to do than worry.

We're here to reduce your workload, not add to it.


Don’t replace your textiles when all they need is a good cleaning.

Caring for your furniture is key to maintaining top-notch comfort.

Dingy chairs and furniture panels damage more than just air quality—morale suffers and so does your company's brand.

Periodic deep cleaning can improve the appearance of your upholstered seating and panel fabrics and help make sure your indoor environment stays healthy.

Our roots are in the commercial furniture industry: we understand how easily improper chemistry, the wrong equipment, or lack of skill can damage your fabric and leather.

That’s why our technicians are highly experienced and use low-moisture cleaning systems to remove 99.9% of allergens, eliminate marks, reduce dry time, and increase furniture lifespan.

Don't be lulled into complacency: all fabric in your space should get regular cleaning!

As with all surfaces, we'll keep things looking like new for as long as possible.

Here are some examples of textiles our experts clean on a regular basis:

  • Task seating / Office chairs
  • Lobby and reception furniture
  • Panel fabrics
  • Draperies
  • Lounge seating
  • Theater seating
  • Conference furniture
  • Waiting room seating
  • Wall coverings
  • … and more!

Looks like it is time for new panel fabric!!!!

WAIT, we can clean that. No need to replace, call APEX instead.

Nearly 90% of business consumers polled stated that their perception of a company's integrity was negatively impacted by the facilities dirty or stained carpet & furnishings.


The fastest growing flooring category for a reason.

Resilient flooring is durable, versatile, and affordable.

Unlike carpet, resilient flooring is resistant to mildew, liquid spills, and stains.

But alas, that doesn’t mean that it's maintenance-free.

You might unintentionally damage your floor with abrasive cleaners, lack of walk-off mats, furniture moving around, sunlight… even an improper cleaning process can result in a floor wearing out prematurely.

Our goal here is simple: keep your floor looking beautiful and make your job a bit less stressful.

Protect your investment and improve performance

We can strip and wax your floors using traditional acrylic waxes, but for the lowest long-term cost and the highest value, consider enhancing your floor with one of our performance coatings.

Performance coatings come in a wide range of durable wear layers and include many custom options to meet the needs of your facility.

Find out more about performance coatings.

Whether you need deep cleaning, restorative maintenance, or even help training your janitorial staff—we’ve got you covered.

We take care of:

  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Bio-Based Tile (BBT)
  • Rubber Sheet & Tile

Gross tile and grout bumming you out?

We have a process that will take bathroom tile off your issues list for good!


Keep your tile shining bright.

Tile flooring is a great investment, as long as you manage the look of the grout.

Bathrooms and the floors within are the source of more facility complaints than any other place in a commercial building.

The source of these complaints is usually related to the tile and grout being soiled and smelly. Grout is an extremely porous material, and water and general cleaning efforts tend to deposit dirt below the floor line, making it difficult to properly clean and sanitize.

If you manage any building with a bathroom, you know how important it is to keep these areas sanitary, clean, and fresh. It’s easier to keep tile & grout clean if it’s regularly professionally maintained—and if it isn’t, the cost to replace a bathroom floor is 6-7x the cost of maintenance.

Unlike traditional or other proprietary methods that don’t provide any long term warranty, APEX provides a suite of services in order to give our customers options based on budget and performance expectations. Our tile and grout maintenance is quick, thorough, and environmentally friendly, with visually outstanding results.

Surface buildup and discoloration are a fact of life in the bathroom, even with frequent janitorial cleaning. With our help, these issues will never become more than just routine.

Trust our process. Your people will thank you.

More than 80% of consumers said they would avoid returning to a restaurant with dirty bathrooms...

How does dirty grout and dingy tile affect your facility’s reputation?

APEX Tile & Grout Services

APEX Tile/Grout
APEX Tile/Grout
APEX Tile/Grout
Relative Cost$$$$$$
Deep Clean
Removes trapped dirt, grime, smells and bacteria.
Color Seal
Make the grout stain resistant and look like new
Provides a natural luster to old, worn out ceramic tile
APEX Performance Coating
Provides a more consistent look and an easier to clean floor.
Stain ProtectionHighest Level of grout stain protectionMid-level - sealed grout but does not have a protective coatingMid-level - sealed grout but does not have a protective coating
Warranty3-yr comprehensive warranty
Lifetime warranty with Everclean services
1 year comprehensive warranty
Lifetime warranty with Everclean services
1 year comprehensive warranty
Lifetime warranty with Everclean services
Extra BenefitsNon-slip, photoluminescent, non-staining additives can be incorporated into coatings to provide safer and better performance options.Like new luster, more consistent look without the high cost of coatings.Lowest cost option
Turn-Around time1-2 nights1 night1 night
ReapplicationCoating needs to be refinished every 3-5 years based on traffic. Additives can extend the life expectancy to 4-6 years.Grout sealants need touch up every 6 months to 1 year depending on traffic and original grout installation.Grout sealants need touch up every 6 months to 1 year depending on traffic and original grout installation.
Maintenance lifetime warranty.
CaveatsRequires neutral pH cleaner. High pH cleaners cannot be used. Best for smaller than 4" tile.Requires neutral pH cleaner. High pH cleaners cannot be used.
Some tiles cannot be polished.
Polish cannot achieve the same gloss level as coatings
Requires neutral pH cleaner. High pH cleaners cannot be used.
Only addresses grout and will not address worn ceramic tiles.
Best UseSpecifically designed for 4" or less tile surfacesSpecifically designed for 4" or less tile surfacesCan be used on any tile surface

Sadly, a lot of solutions come packaged with issues.
... But not with APEX tile & grout services!

Issue: No warranty.

When you read the fine print, most service companies (or the products they use) don’t offer any warranty past one year. However, that is when most coatings begin to fail. APEX offers a comprehensive three-year warranty.

Issue: Too expensive.

Rather than provide a single solution to what may be a variable issue, APEX provides a suite of services in order to give our customers options based on budget and performance expectations.

Issue: You're stuck.

We can’t remove old coatings so we are stuck with the old system. APEX has been called to remove a wide variety of failed coatings and we can convert older, failure prone systems to a longer lasting, better performing product.

Issue: Too much downtime.

Our tile and grout solutions require no more than one day of downtime in most circumstances.

Issue: Poor lifespan.

Six months to a 1 year later, the floor looks just like it did before you restored the tile/grout. We hear this a lot and can provide training for housekeeping on how to properly clean a tile floor. Our Everclean services extend your warranty for life and helps provide consistently clean sanitary floors.

Don’t let grout discolorations and dirty tile ruin your brand's reputation.

Schedule a free assessment to discuss which tile & grout maintenance option is best for your facility and budget.

Rest easy knowing your floors are taken care of.

Be the hero you are—without heroic levels of stress.