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Commercial Building Cleaning Reinvented

Innovative. Transparent. Socially Driven.

9 out of 10 facility managers are not happy with their nightly cleaning service.

We’re here to change that – and do some good along the way.

Let’s Talk

if you want to:

Incorporate the latest technology and innovations that drive down costs and increase transparency

Support businesses focused on advancing opportunities for their employees, community and industry

Help your building occupants breathe easy knowing that only the most sustainable products are being used

Work with vendors that do what they say, practice real and open communication, and become part of your team

End the stress of managing your facility cleaning services vendor.

Goodbye, frustrations. Hello, delight!

Healthy Building Services
for Image-Conscious Facilities

Fortune 1000 Corporate Facilities

Higher Education

Fortune 1000 Corporate Facilities

Single-Tenant Facilities
w/ 50,000+ sqft.

We challenge the status quo, elevate expectationsand use business as a force for good.

What Makes Us Different?

  • A Proactive Attitude
    We believe in real and open communication and are passionate about doing the right thing. If there is a problem, we’ll fix it. If there is an opportunity, we’ll share it with you.
  • Innovative and High-Tech Solutions
    We incorporate solutions that increase cleaning efficiency and provide hard data showing you how, when and where cleaning was performed.
  • Certified Infection Prevention Experts
    All our sales and operations staff have earned their Accredited Infection Prevention Expert Certification, ensuring they know how to properly clean and disinfect your space.
  • Trained and Satisfied Staff
    We are committed to leading the industry in wages and benefits, resulting in happier employees, less turnover, and consistent staffing and service.
  • A Quarter Century of Experience
    We have decades of experience in specialty cleaning and craftsmanship, and we bring that same level of obsessive attention to our service, quality and training.
  • Environmentally Responsible Products
    We use probiotic cleaning agents that are non-toxic and provide lasting protection so your building occupants can breathe easy.
  • Multiple Solutions
    We offer a comprehensive solution for your building service needs – all under one vendor number.

"We built our custodial division to be different because the industry needs different. APEX Group has provided commercial flooring and specialty care services for more than two decades, and we listened to our customers’ frustrations with their janitorial providers.

We launched our custodial division to disrupt the commercial cleaning industry while bringing transparency and sustainability to the market. Just like our other services, we are committed to delivering delight and using business as a beacon for social responsibility."


Healthy Building Services

  • Building Cleaning Services

    What do you get when you take the right people, offer them an above-average wage and benefits, and train and empower them? World-class service.

Building Cleaning Services

  • Accredited Disinfection Services

    With over a decade of infection control experience and knowledge of the best, safest products and techniques, we help you breathe easy.

Building Disinfection Services

  • Power Washing

    Need to power wash a sidewalk, loading dock, kitchen or wall? We use only equipment with water recovery systems to protect the environment and save water.

Power Washing

  • KaiVac® No-Touch Cleaning™ Systems

    Our integrated, touchless bathroom cleaning system is up to 60 times more effective at reducing bacterial contamination than mops.

    Image courtesy of Kaivac

Touchless Cleaning Systems

  • Flooring Repairs and Replacement

    Need flooring repairs or replacement? We provide the best products and installation services.

Flooring Repairs and Replacement

  • Day Porter Services

    Our uniformed, professional day porters maintain the image of your facility throughout the day and help keep your building running smoothly.

Day Porter Services

  • Specialty Surface Care

    We work as one team to care for your carpet, tile, stone, metal and wood surfaces.

Specialty Surface Care

  • Event Assistance

    With over two decades in the service industry and a background in hospitality management, we can assist with your corporate meetings and events.

Event Assistance

Frustrated with the Status Quo?

Make a change in four easy steps.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. Our roots are in the specialty service business, fixing issues typical janitorial companies couldn’t resolve. Let our team show you what empowerment can do.

Say Good-bye to the Status Quo, in Four Easy Steps.

  • 1
    Give us a call.
    You talk. We listen. The initial call is about finding out what is and isn’t working with your current vendor and seeing if we can de-stress your life.
  • 2
    Schedule a discovery consultation and site assessment.
    We’ll take a deeper dive into your facility’s needs and identify your goals. At this stage, we’ll find out if we are a good fit for each other.
  • 3
    Review your customized strategy.
    We’ll develop a custom plan that integrates the right solutions, robotics and services to meet your needs. You can be confident that we will do what we say we will do.
  • 4
    Implement and collaborate.
    Our goal is to make your custodial change seamless. We’ll collaborate every step of the way, providing transparency and building a true partnership.


Disinfectants Do Not Create Healthy Buildings.

sustainability personified

Truly Clean. Truly Healthy.

Z BioScience non-toxic commercial cleaning products clean thoroughly – down to the microscopic level.

Critical Performance QualitiesTraditional Cleaners & Disinfectants
Z BioScience Probiotic Cleaners
Creates an inhospitable environment for unwanted pathogens for days on endNOYES
Ongoing surface protection by providing a biological barrierNOYES
Works when wet and continues working after it driesNOYES
Safe to use in the presence of humans and animalsNOYES
Safe for moisture-tolerant surfacesNOYES
Has a neutral pHNOYES
Ongoing odor elimination at the microscopic levelNOYES
Environmentally acceptable, low VOC and sustainableNOYES
Cleans to the microscopic levelNOYES
Eliminates and prevents biofilm buildup that shields pathogens, allowing them to repopulate the surfaceNOYES
Contributes to antimicrobial resistanceYESNO
Kills beneficial bacteria required for a healthy spaceYESNO
Personal protective equipment (PPE) required to administerYESNO

Finally, a product that truly defines sustainability!

Provide a longer-lasting, non-toxic, true clean and ensure a healthier environment for your people with APS Property Services & Z BioScience Probiotic Cleaners.


Trust But Verify

Stop wondering if your cleaning crew actually showed up.

You won’t have this concern when you work with APEX Group. Our enterprise system provides transparency at every level and unmatched reporting.

Our teams use biometric time systems with geofencing to validate when they arrive at a job site and when they leave. While on-site, our supervisors use a paperless system to manage the work schedule and audit the nightly results.

  • Accountability & transparency made easy.
  • Live mapping - Know where everyone is in the building at all times
  • Emergency response
  • Submit requests

Let’s Chat About Your Facility

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up a time to meet and discuss what's going on in your facility and how we can help.

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Expect Better.

Get Better.


It’s time your building maintenance was modernized. Using state-of-the art robotics and reporting, APEX Group provides real cost savings and better results.


One of the biggest complaints facility managers have is they don’t know what their janitorial staff is doing. APS changes that with an empowered team and open reporting on results.

Socially Driven

We have a higher cause than just cleaning buildings – we build world-class communities with world-class businesses.