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Stacy Murphy Moves to APEX Group Team as VP of Client Development

Stacy Murphy headshotStacy Murphy first joined Corporate Floors, then part of APEX Group, as vice president of strategic sales in December 2021. She quickly demonstrated her skills and abilities and was promoted to lead the entire sales team for Corporate Floors less than a year later. In July 2023, following APEX Group’s merger with Diverzify, she moved to the APEX Group team as vice president of client development for strategic accounts. In this role, she will develop new strategic client relationships, build and lead a client development team, and expand the company’s presence nationally.

We recently asked Stacy about her new role, how her interior design expertise benefits clients, and why she is passionate about supporting women in the industry.

1. Why did you decide to move to the APEX Group team?

Our recent merge with Diverzify presented an opportunity to help grow the APEX Group business, leveraging our increased reach and resources. I have immense respect for Thomas Holland, now executive vice president of Diverzify and president of APEX Group. His commitment to inclusivity, innovation and servant leadership were key factors in my decision to accept this transitional role.

2. APEX Group recently merged with Diverzify, the country’s largest commercial flooring and interior services provider. What excites you the most about this new partnership?

Diverzify has shown true innovation in this space. I’m excited for our business to join a forward-thinking organization that supports our initiative to grow APEX Group through a multi-pronged approach.

3. What do you enjoy the most about your new role?

We are just now transitioning my role from Corporate Floors to APEX Group, but I look forward to working with our team to activate new strategies for revenue generation and brand awareness across the U.S.

4. As a trained, NCIDQ-certified interior designer, you bring a unique set of talents and skills to your new role. How will APEX Group clients benefit from your experience?

If you look at the foundation of the interior design profession, it’s about problem-solving to elevate the user experience. I love curating solutions and helping people achieve their vision. Those core attributes are what originally led me to design and have carried me through a career in product sales and leadership. At APEX Group, we like to say our clients are “image-conscious.” My deep appreciation for design and passion for people support our mission to provide best-in-class services in the commercial interiors industry.

5. You are passionate about supporting women in the construction and facility management industry. Why is this such an important cause?

First, diverse opinions are good for business. Second, when you see it, you believe you can be it. When I moved into the manufacturing and service side of the industry, there were so many times I was the only woman at the table. I have quite a few stories, but as one example, when I attended a major industry conference, there were so few women there it was assumed I was a wife, not a vice president. My first day of the conference was spent simply calibrating my place in the room, debunking misconceptions about why I was there. Experiences like this are the reason women often suffer from imposter syndrome, myself included. It is vital to have more women visible in the room, seated at the table, contributing their unique ideas and perspectives. Organizations such as Women in the Floorcovering Industry (WIFI), Women of Starnet, and Women in Facility Management (WIFM) are doing the important work of building community and highlighting the trailblazers in our industries.

6. What do you consider your biggest professional achievement or success?

Each day that I get to thrive in my career AND be a mom to my 7-year-old twins is a massive achievement! I always say that by the time I get to work at 8 a.m., I’ve already had at least an hour of negotiating in my day. If you want a job done, give it to a busy mom. Also, winning a HIP Award from Interior Design Magazine at NeoCon was a career highlight for me. Whenever I walk by that award I’m reminded that if you show up, do what you say you’re going to do, and lead with heart, success is in your reach.

7. What is your favorite quote?

“Hope is not a plan.” —Mellody Hobson, a best-in-class strategic thinker and one of my superheroes