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APEX Restores the Floors for a DFW Non-Profit

For this DFW Non-Profit, Stained Carpet is a Non-Issue

The Challenge:

A major flooring manufacturer received a warranty claim from one of their national customers, stating that their carpet was not performing to expectations. The manufacturer immediately called APEX Surface Care to provide a site assessment and to make a professional recommendation.

The Approach:

After evaluating the floor, APEX determined that the problem was not a defect in the carpet itself; instead, it was due to neglect and improper maintenance. APEX chose a 5 step process to correct the appearance and restore the floor. This approach includes a combination of mechanical and chemical methods which effectively remove deeply embedded soil, but leave no chemical residue. This is important because chemical residue will cause carpet fiber to re-soil rapidly.

APEX Surface Care utilizes a 5 step protocol designed to release, then extract deeply embedded soil from the carpet fibers.

Gameroom Before and After Carpet Restoration

The Result:

Our 5-Step method brought the carpet back to life, returning it to "like new" condition. The customer was so delighted, they contacted the technician directly and exclaimed, “The carpet looks amazing!”

The success story is evidenced by these photos taken before and after APEX Surface Care performed the flooring restoration process.

Once believed to be soiled beyond repair, the flooring is now remarkably transformed. 

Carpet Before and After Restoration
Corridor after cleaning

The Benefit:

The restoration benefited both the manufacturer and the non-profit organization in many ways:

  • APEX Surface Care saved the carpet mill from incurring the substantial expense of replacing the flooring.
  • The manufacturer was able to preserve the confidence of their valued customer.
  • The customer is a not for profit entity, which means every dime counts. Thanks to APEX, any additional cost of a second labor-intensive flooring installation process was avoided.
  • There was no significant disruption for the employees or the people who utilize the facility.  

Most flooring projects don't require this much effort to clean or restore; APEX knows the right process to choose for optimal results. Protect your investment and keep your building clean and healthy by choosing APEX Surface Care to design a maintenance program custom tailored for every surface in your facility.

Let APEX Assess Your Facility Maintenance Needs

A well-designed, professional maintenance program eliminates the need for an expensive restoration procedure; it is always better to pay a little for maintenance now than to spend a lot on total restoration later. Studies show that company employees enjoy a continuously clean environment, leading to happier and more productive team members. Also, proper routine maintenance makes a healthy impact on indoor air quality, further improving the work environment. Contact APEX for a consultation to learn how we can preserve every surface in your facility.