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2017 APEX Presidents Awards

Congratulations to the Best of 2017 Award Winners

These Folks Rock!

At the beginning of December, we held our annual gathering to celebrate the holidays and to honor standout APEX team members who consistently "Walk the Talk", working hard to bring the Core Values of APEX Surface Care to life. These awards are our way of thanking those members of our team and vendors who go the extra mile, exhibiting the qualities of resourcefulness and resilience that are at the center of our company culture.

These award winners exemplify:

  • Having a positive "Can Do" Attitude
  • Practicing open, real communication
  • Being passionate about doing the right thing
  • Being resilient and resourceful
  • Playing as a team

Honorees are chosen by their peers and the division President. This year, our category winners are:

The President's Award

The President’s staff award is given to the team member who is first recognized by their peers by receiving or being nominated for the CORE award at least one time during the year. The company President then selects the winner who best exhibited and lived the company core values throughout the year. This award is given to an APEX Staff member and an APEX Technician.

President’s Award
Staff - Johnny Amarillas

Johnny Amarillas and Thomas Holland
Johnny Amarillas and Thomas Holland

Johnny defined what a good leader is by taking care of his people but also upholding high standards and earning the trust and respect of those that work with him. Johnny defines the core value “passionate about doing the right thing”.

President’s Award
Technician - Henry Hernandez

Henry Hernandez and Thomas Holland
Henry Hernandez and Thomas Holland

Henry took over one of our largest accounts and leads a team of over 15 Technicians each day in a very challenging environment with some of our most technical services.

The Fire Fighter Award

The FireFighter award is given to the team member who most often jumps into the fray and does their best to avert disaster or help recover from a problem whether it’s their job to do so or not. This year's winner has stepped up to the plate multiple times to help her team, no matter the reason, and is always the consummate professional.

FireFighter Award - Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams and Thomas Holland
Ashley Adams and Thomas Holland

During much turmoil and team changes throughout the year, Ashley persevered and worked incredibly well with her sales and project teams to ensure each job they covered was well-managed. Always cheerful and putting her job and the team first, she is an incredible example of dedication and fortitude.

Helping Hand

The Helping Hand award is given to the team member who is continually defining the word "Teamwork" and is ready to help no matter how big or small the task….and they do it with a smile.  

Helping Hand Award - Rachel Guss

Rachel Guss and Thomas Holland
Rachel Guss and Thomas Holland

Rachel has an engaging and cheerful personality that just makes her fun to work with. There were so many instances where Rachel could have earned this award this year, whether stepping in to help the sales team finish up needed paperwork, help a client fit a job into an already full schedule or to help a Technician learn how to use our Tech app. Rachel always does this with a smile and great attitude.

Ultimate Fighter award

The Ultimate Fighter award (aka the David Douthit award) epitomizes the employee who has fought through personal challenges over the year without sacrificing their commitment to the company, all the while maintaining their responsibilities to their peers and our customers.

Ultimate Fighter Award - Ezekiel Butler

Ezekiel Butler 2

During Hurricane Harvey, Ezekiel's home was destroyed by the rising floodwaters. Despite his own personal tragedy, Ezekiel retained a positive and uplifting attitude, against all odds. His unwavering dedication and smile during such a time of duress continue to be inspirational to us all.

Vendor of the Year

Our company could not sustain without the trusted and invaluable relationships that we share with our vendors. While each vendor is important to us in a multitude of ways, every year there are shining examples of what a business partnership is all about. This year we recognized:

Vendor of the year - Pollock

Pollock and Thomas Holland
Pollock and Thomas Holland

Pollock is a cleaning supply, packaging, paper and equipment provider; they have been a previous award winner due to their amazing service and support.

Vendor of the year - Onsite

Onsite, Jim Burns and Thomas Holland
Onsite, Jim Burns and Thomas Holland

One of our longest term vendors, Onsite has grown with our business. As our managed services provider, they are a key partner in ensuring that our systems stay online and running, allowing us to execute our mission every day.

From all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays!

Company Photo

In lieu of gifts, our family of companies celebrated the season of giving by adopting 30 children from the Gatehouse Giving Tree who reside with their mothers at the Gatehouse in Grapevine, an incredible organization helping women in crisis.