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Keep the Flu at Bay with APEX Infection Control Services

infection control services

This year’s flu season is the worst since the swine flu pandemic of 2009—and it’s not over yet. With flu season running through May, many more Americans could still contract the dangerous, and sometimes deadly, flu virus. Having a proper infection control process in place at your company is key to reducing sick days and…

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Manage surface care across a region or all of the U.S. and Canada—with ease.

National Accounts. Wherever you go, there we are. When you’re juggling multiple facilities, teams, and budgets, finding a service provider that’s both reliable and scalable is essential. Consistently coordinating with different vendors to maintain clean, healthy and attractive facilities can be a timely and difficult task. Each facility has different surface types, all with unique…

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Our Client’s #1 Complaint

Bathrooms. Bathrooms and the surfaces within are the source of more facility complaints than any other place in a commercial building. The reason for these complaints is usually related to the tile and grout being… gross. Improper nightly cleaning compound the problem by depositing dirty water below the floor line making it more difficult to…

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