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High-end Surfaces Need Specific Care.

Honor the Unique Maintenance Needs of your Terrazzo, Stone, Metal, or Wood.

Researching individual craftsmen for each surface type takes time and energy you may not have... and a wrong hire can waste your budget and cause a cascade of headaches.

Our trained craftsman know which techniques will beautify... and which will destroy.

We want to see your space WOW your visitors—which is why we have thoroughly trained teams for each architectural surface ready to go.

If your facility has high-end specialty surfaces, let us protect your investment with a proper maintenance plan for natural stone, terrazzo, metal wood and polished concrete.

Stone & terrazzo can last a lifetime... IF properly maintained.

Mistreating any of these surfaces can result in costly restoration or even the need to replace... 

But with us as a partner, it won't be on your watch!


Is there such thing as a forever floor?

... with proper care, stone & terrazzo can come pretty close.

Proper stone and terrazzo care requires more than just the right equipment; it requires the right training. Without years of experience, you may just do more harm than good.

Most issues begin with improper diagnosis from terrazzo contractors. Without understanding what’s wrong, your “solution” puts the whole floor at risk. Stones have different geological compositions and classifications, and proper care starts with identification.

Our internal training school is recognized by industry leaders such as Starnet, Granquartz, and Werkmaster. If your floor is too far gone for maintenance, our specialty team can repair and restore terrazzo and stone to its former glory, and teach your staff to keep it that way.

What’s more, if we restore a floor and maintain it per our recommendations, we guarantee it will never need restoration again.

Hard surface flooring usually represents a beautiful centerpiece; a statement of your hard work and your facility’s brand.

Do your facility justice: take care of your assets with a proper maintenance plan for natural stone and terrazzo.

You go take care of the rest of the facility...

Let APEX take care of you.

Polished Concrete

Keep your concrete naturally superior

Polished concrete, done properly, is a beautiful and long-lived floor option.

The solid surface can be finished with a variety of looks and retains its shine with infrequent care and no harsh chemicals.

But many companies cut corners by using chemical coatings, concrete floor cleaner or concrete, or concrete sealer instead of a diamond polishing process.

Likewise, with improper care, you can damage the surface of your concrete and cause a dull, dirty effect that’s difficult to defeat.

If your polished concrete is looking dull, it is probably in need of maintenance, resurfacing, or restoration. After resurfacing concrete or concrete repair services, you’ll actually save significantly more in the long-term with proper polishing, and a shine that comes from physical refinement rather than toxic chemicals.

With our services, even as the floor wears, you won’t sacrifice your gorgeous gleam.

And after concrete restoration, all you’ll need to maintain your new polish will be a mop and broom.

Let go of the overwhelm.

Experience the relief of a reliable floor care partner.


A beloved classic with modern appeal

When properly maintained, wood surfaces will last for decades (and look good doing it).

Wood surfaces are known for their variations. Different colors, different shades, different grains: They all come together to create a truly unique appearance.

But do your wood surfaces have character, or are they just dull and worn out?

Wood is a natural product, and restoring it requires more artistry than process. Each wood type is unique, so whether you need to restore a mahogany-paneled wall, a bird’s-eye maple cabinet, or a cherrywood chair, you want real craftsmen—like APEX technicians—to do the job.

Wood floors, chairs, and wall panels are stunning, but they aren’t immune to damage. They can get scuffed and scratched or stained and warped by moisture. Eventually, everyday wear and tear will catch up with your wood surfaces and they’ll need a little TLC.

Let us refinish and revitalize your wood surfaces. Our talented technicians know exactly how to care for your wood floors and other surfaces so they gleam like the day they were installed.

Our wood services include:

  • Periodic deep cleaning
  • Hardwood floor refinishing
  • Paneling, molding, elevator cab interior and door repair and reconditioning
  • Restoration of wood furniture, including chairs, conference tables, and cabinets
  • Color matching and color change repair

A company's brand suffers due to dirty, scratched, or stained surfaces say nearly 90% of business consumers polled. 


Where form meets function

Metal surfaces are timeless—as long as they don’t show their age.

Metal serves many practical purposes in commercial facilities. It’s durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean, making it a smart choice for everything from elevator interiors to lobby doors.

Stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, and aluminum surfaces also add a touch of elegance and class to any environment—until they start to lose their luster.

Over time, these hard-working surfaces take some heavy abuse. And when they start to look dingy and dirty, they can damage your brand. Your employees and visitors may even start to question your commitment to cleanliness.

Replacing your metal surfaces is far more expensive than regular maintenance, but you need to partner with someone you can trust. Someone who has been specially trained in metal refinishing and restoration. Someone who uses environmentally friendly products and complies with all current safety regulations. Someone who can get your metal surfaces looking like new again at a cost that can’t be beaten. Someone like APEX.

Keep your metal surfaces shining bright with APEX. Whether you need one-time restoration or ongoing care, we have the experience and expertise for the job.

Our metal services include:

  • Metal refinishing
  • Color matching
  • Prepping and painting
  • Elevator door, jamb and transom cladding
  • Vandalism removal
  • Restoration of all metals and miscellaneous architectural items
Metal elevator doors

Rest easy knowing your surfaces are taken care of.

Be the hero you are—without a heroic level of stress.